1. All the pupils should come in the prescribed neat uniform every day during the school hours.

2. Pupils should not come with ornaments or valuable articles to school. They are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

3. During school hours parents/guardians are not allowed to see their wards or their teachers in the classroom without the permission of the Principal.

4.Any communication,request or complaint made by the parents/guardians should be addressed only to the Principal and not to the class teacher.

5.Any willful damage caused by the pupil to the building,furniture,apparatus or any other school property is liable to be made good by the parent/guardian.

6.Pupil who is ill for a long period must produce a Medical Certificate.

7.Homework assigned to the pupil by the teachers should be done reqularly and parents/guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by checking the homework of their wards.

8. Pupil should be punctual to school and bring the prescribed books according to their timetable.

9. Pupils will be eligible to sit for Examination only if they put in 80% of attendance


1.A student is eligible for promotion in Stds I to IX only if he or she has attended classes for 80% of the total number of working days for which the school has worked from April to March of the academic year.

2.For III Language there will be an Internal Examination at the end of Std VIII, students should complete the internal examination in the third language of Std VIII positively.

3.A delay in payment of school fees debars a student from appearing for an examination and the Report Book shall be withheld.


1.The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of pupils’ belongings. It is not advisable for the pupils to bring money or valuable articles to school.

2.Although the school is not responsible for the behaviour of its students outside its premises, due notice will be taken of reports of misbehaviour and disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned students if the report is substantiated on proper enquiry.

3.Any damage done in the class or in the school premises has to be made good. Pupils must take care of the equipment that has been lent for their use.

4.Speaking in English is enforced in the school and within the school premises.

5.The students must take down the work assigned for the next day in their calendars.

6.Pupils are expected to be punctual. Late comers are liable to be sent home at the parents’ own risk. Absence on the re-opening day will be viewed strictly.

7.Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual idleness, disobedience or objectionable moral influence justify dismissal.

8.Finger-nails must be cut short and kept clean.

9.When the students go for P.T. or move along the corridors or while changing classes, they must walk in silence in a single line. They should always keep to the left.

10.Pupils are expected to come to school provided with all that is necessary for the day’s work. Borrowing or lending of pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, instrument box etc., is discouraged.

11.Personal cleanliness and hygiene are greatly recommended to all. Pupils should be particularly careful not to throw any papers anywhere in the school premises. They should use the baskets and bins specially provided for this purpose.

12.Absence without proper information or prior permission will be considered a gross breach of discipline.

13.The names of students who are absent for one month without informing the school authority will be struck off from the register.

14.The school takes adequate care about the safety of the pupils. However, the school will not be held responsible for any injury or accident met by the pupils.

15.During unavoidable and abnormal circumstances, we may declare a holiday and on such days the school buses will not ply to pick the children to school. In case the holiday announcement comes later, i.e. after the children reach school, they will be retained in the school till evening. Parents who want to take them back home must come in person to collect their wards.

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