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Multi-Purpose Hall

One of the biggest attractions of our school is our two Multipurpose Halls which is designed in adherence to the ultra-modern and eco-friendly specifications. It is extensively utilized as an integral domain of the school. 
School Symbol
Any multipurpose space should be able to handle a wide range of functions. This hall has been designed with sound and lighting systems. It has acoustically treated walls and ceilings. It is technologically integrated and easily maintained.
As a great multipurpose space, the hall satisfies the needs of its assigned function – be it multimedia presentations, stage and musical productions, physical education or dining services.
The distinctive feature of this space lies in its various levels being utilized for different purposes. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 300 people.

Integrated Technology
This hall is able to handle several forms of technology just like any large lecture hall or classroom. Video, data and electrical outlets have been spaced. A sound system, video-projection system, cable and wireless facility are also provided herein.