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Sree Gokulam Public School is located 3 kms away from Chengalpattu. It caters to students from Pre-KG to XII Std.
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KG Class

KG Class KG Class

Computer Lab

Computer Lab Computer Lab Technological advancement has grown at an exponential rate in the past few decades. Modern day living has become completely dependent on technology which has permeated all aspects of our existence. The child of the 21st Century has proverbially been “born to it”. Schools have had to keep abreast with these new trends… Continue reading Computer Lab

Smart Class Rooms

Smart Class Rooms Smart Class Rooms Interactive boards are used for class room teaching to make the teaching learning process more effective, pleasurable and innovative .It also helps the students to make the abstract ideas more clear.

Bio Lab

Bio Lab​ Bio Lab Practicing the Study of Living OrganismsOur school is renowned for instilling discipline and affecting every aspect of a student’s life. We strive to teach our children from a real life perspective and therefore take special interest in educating them in science. As a subject, science includes the observation, deployment and understanding… Continue reading Bio Lab

Math Lab

Math Lab Math Lab Our institution is ready with maths lab materials where students learn maths in a constructive way. Maths is not just about problem –solving, it is also inclusive of scouting ideas for our pupil. They use shapes, puzzles and games to learn concepts and enjoy learning maths through creative and logical methods.… Continue reading Math Lab

Language Lab

Language Lab Language Lab A language laboratory is a dedicated space for language learning where students access audio or audio-visual materials. It allows a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets.It is a teacher-controlled system connected to a number of student booths, containing a student’s control mechanism and a headset with… Continue reading Language Lab

News Paper

News Paper News Paper


Auditorium Auditorium

Composite Lab

Composite Lab Composite Lab

Interactive classrooms

Interactive classrooms Interactive classrooms